1. 2012

    Every year I normally go and print off 4x6 prints of every interesting edited photo taken that year. The criteria for print is that the year has to be over, only already edited .jpgs can be printed (others left as raw were left unedited for a reason) and if there is more than one notable image from a file folder, the max is between 3 and 6. There is the rare exception that I find an unedited raw file that I want to immediately edit/process into .jpg for print.

    This was the method until I forgot, anyway, and only yesterday did I realize that I’d only printed up to 2011. So I caught up today and did 2012, which despite my original thought that it was a lame, boring year, actually turned out to be a good year for photography and events, etc. This is a collage of every image that was printed. It adds up to 119 images.

    I could have added a title like most do but I didn’t want to cover the images and it’s too late to add white space along the bottom to do so.

    ©Justin S. Campbell, 2012, 2014